Young Adult and Adult Kung Fu

Our adult curriculum is based in Wu Xing Hung Gar and structured around a traditional three part system: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. Each part generally has three levels as well. Core Curriculum (our beginner level) contains the White, Yellow and Orange belts. Our Intermediate level is comprised of Green, Purple and Blue belts, while Advanced is composed of Brown, Brown with Red stripe, Red and Red with black Stripe. Upon earning a Black Belt, students can begin Degree Studies to deepen their understanding of the Martial Arts to even greater levels of sensitivity, knowledge and power.

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Core Curriculumkaraktershunggakyun01

Learn Sho Fa, Bu Fa and Shen Fa (Hand, Foot/Stepping, and Body) methods of modern fighting and self-defense physics from a Hung Gar perspective. Gain the ability to seal, basic grapple, kick, strike and bridge. Begin to learn entering, controlling and dispersing.

Intermediate Level

Here we begin to learn the Animal long forms and deepen our understanding of the attitudes and abilities of the Panther, Snake and Tiger as well as the theories of Wood, Earth and Fire. Combat psychology, human physiology and Yin/Yang theory study begins. Weapon training starts, beginning with the Shaolin Two Brothers staff sparring form.

Advanced Level

The earlier levels integrate further and gain complexity yet simplify in effort as the Yi (mind/intent) grows to match the strength and subtlety of the practitioner’s body. Weapon training progresses to the Tiger/Tornado Broadsword form. The Dragon and Crane round out the Animals and teach us the sometimes chaotic, sometimes subdued powers of Water and Air. Students learn how to bend and break the rules of fighting and expectation with the Drunken Fist form, Wong Fei Hung’s secret weapon against skilled fighters.

Degree Studiecropped-Wuxing-Seal-JPG1.jpgs

Now all training intensifies and deepens; many more weapons are added to gain and refine control and intent. Flow and drive become paramount instead of focusing on separate movements. We begin to train in the separate styles of Cha Chaun Longfist, Buddha Hand (Fut Sao), Di Tong groundwork, multiple styles of Tai Chi and Bagua and the Gao style of Xing Yi, each with their own theory, application and mindset. Students also begin to pick Elective studies to further customize their training.



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